More complex intensity distributions and smart tuning optimization

We are glad to present a new 1.3 version of LED Optics Designer software!

New functionality features:

  • a new type of required light distribution – now you can require complex intensity distribution defining it by two orthogonal profiles. Such statement of the problem can help to generate asymmetrical intensity patterns which are useful, for example, for road applications;
  • Complex intensity distribution

  • more flexibility in defining LED source - now you can set its emitting area as rectangle or circle in case of standard source and as parallelepiped or cylinder in case of ray-file source;
  • Defining LED source

  • improvement of surfaces editor - now you can turn on/off optimization for separate parameters of spline nodes (values, derivatives etc.). Also we’ve added a new button for displaying detailed mesh on the surface for analysis of its moldableness and implemented scaling of 3D Editor window..

Surfaces editor