LED Optics Designer

LED Optics Designer is a software for computation and simulation of LED secondary optics. It was developed by our R&D team which members have been working in the field of nonimaging optics since 2004.

The distinctive features of LED Optics Designer are

  • implemented analytical methods allowing to compute the shape of optical element in few seconds;
  • for lighting problems with axial symmetry the optical element will be computed automatically – you just define the light source and the target light distribution;
  • powerful optimization tool for definition of optical surfaces parameters and improvment of the light efficiency, quality of generated irradiance distribution;
  • quick raytracing algorithms (e.g., tracing of a hundred thousand rays takes about one second);
  • set of supported standard solutions of LED optics (TIR-optics, optical elements with free-form surfaces etc.);
  • intellectual wizard for project creation that analyses the problem and suggests the appropriate designs of LED optics.

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Double free-form optics
07/15/2014 - 16:57

We’ve finished implementation of algorithms for designing refractive optical elements with two free-form surfaces. Such kind of the design enables efficient solutions of many illumination problems with medium and wide angular size of the light spot.


Computing free-form reflectors in version 1.5
04/10/2014 - 20:23

Considering popularity of using reflector as LED secondary optics we’ve added a possibility of computing free-form reflective surfaces in LED Optics Designer 1.5. As in the case of refractive optical elements, computation of free-form reflector generating square, rectangular or circular...

Prices increase
03/12/2014 - 14:22

We inform you that due to the significant development of LED Optics Designer functionality we raise all prices on the software from April, 1st. The cost of the annual license will be:

  • for the Full version of LED Optics Designer – 5 000 EUR / 7 000 USD...
Collimate and Fresnelize!
03/03/2014 - 14:17

Our last efforts were made to increase the number of problems which can be solved by LED Optics Designer. In version 1.4 you can find a new type of required light distribution – collimated light beam and a new type of optical element – Fresnel TIR lens.

Also we’ve made several...

More complex intensity distributions and smart tuning optimization
02/07/2014 - 18:01

We are glad to present a new 1.3 version of LED Optics Designer software!

New functionality features:

  • a new type of required light distribution – now you can require complex intensity distribution defining it by two orthogonal profiles. Such statement...